City Center House Escape 2 Game

City Center House Escape 2

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In the previous challenge, Irma got trapped in her new home in the city which was said to be haunted and from then she might have escaped thanks to your help! Or not. This time escape players, we join another person who had the same situation except for the haunted part, that person who was lucky enough to have a house near the city was Kevin and he loved his place because it was decently priced but even then it has a luxurious ambiance. But it is not all days however that the place was cooperative, for one day it did something quite different and that resulted in him getting trapped inside!

Kevin have no idea what why his doors would not open, he can only speculate that somebody is pulling a prank on him and nothing else. Well Kevin needs to escape now before things go even further South and that won't be good even if this is a prank. Escape players, care to join in the escape here with Kevin and see if you can escape his home? Place yourself on his shoes then and try your best, use all of your skills and logic.

City Center House Escape 2 is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Ekey Games. This game is a part of the first game as the start of the series.

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