Escape From Fantasy City (Big Escape Games)

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Clement used his magic that day to transport him to this land which cannot be found on Earth, well maybe this Earth that is. The place he arrived into is a big enchanted-looking city, probably even a kingdom, likely an elven kingdom for the arts and designs there are very similar to what elves creates. But the place is not inhabited though, it was devoid of anything as intelligent as him, that’s why he returns there just to find-out more about the place for he is still in the dark.

Clement went farther this time and he is now grasping how vast this place really is, but as he went however something happened and now it is quite a problem. Clement is now lost escape players and he really needs help! He is now feeling that he is being watched and that’s not good, for that feeling of his is rarely wrong. Will you help Clement there escape players so he can get back to the portal where he went through?

Escape From Fantasy City is the newest point-and-click magical place escape game created by Big Escape Games.

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Walkthrough video for Escape From Fantasy City (Big Escape Games)

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1 year ago

How does 5+5= POT???