Finished Wooden House Escape Game

Finished Wooden House Escape

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After 2 years of constantly building the wooden house which was situated in the countryside, Arnold was finally satisfied and the house was now finished. It's actually pretty comfortable now, it keeps the warmth in and the cold out. But one day when Arnold was relaxing, it did something and now instead of allowing people to move in and out of the premises, it mysteriously closed all of its doors and now whoever is in cannot go out!

Arnold was currently alone for his family went to the city to shop, now he doesn't have any help here and who knows when they'll return. Nevertheless, he was the man of the house and he built the place, that's why he tried to find the problem why all of the doors have become locked simultaneously. This seems to be a big prank from his daughter if this was a prank, she can pull one of these pretty easily but because he knows they are away, this is still a pretty big mystery. Escape players, you are very welcome to check the wooden house escape here with Arnold, find another way out of the and discover what exactly happened in the house.

Finished Wooden House Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game from Genie Fun Games.

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