Classic Home Escape (Ekey Games) Game

Classic Home Escape (Ekey Games)
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Classic Home Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Ekey Games for 8b Games. Good luck on this fun adventure here inside a luxurious house!

Maurice was the new guest of the so called classic house as they have called it, but actually the place is quite luxurious and was spacious enough for an entire family. Maurice thought maybe they did that so they can surprise anyone who might want to buy it and that day when he saw it, he quickly decided to get the place for it was more than he wanted and it's quite affordable too! What a steal. Through the weeks, Maurice made himself at home in his new abode and all was normal, maybe he can let his family live there too for it was even more spacious than he expected. Well not without solving a sudden problem however which had just sprung one day.

Maurice was preparing some stuff for he needed to go later that day for a fun activity, but just when he was about to leave however, his house started to act-up strangely and he was really dumbfounded what was going-on! He really tried to correct everything until eventually he could not get himself out of the place anymore for the doors were all locked. What in the world is going-on now? Maurice had really exhausted himself and now escape players, he needs help on this one as he tries to escape from the place. Want to join in and see if you can also find some answers what's going-on in the end? Have fun!

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