Thanksgiving Rescue The Dove Game

Thanksgiving Rescue The Dove

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Thanksgiving Rescue The Dove is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game released by Top 10 New Games. Have Fun on the rescue adventure here everyone!

One of the weirdest things have happened in the forest that day, and as a person who lives in it, Barry noticed that with his very own eyes and it happens to be thanksgiving that same day. The turkeys which the people have hunted for that same occasion for generations have attained human-like intellect and now, they are giving their revenge to the same species that slaughters them every year! The turkeys have marched through the village and it so happens that Barry's house was on the way. Luckily Barry had hid in the closet while they ransack the place! They didn't even take anything, well except for one thing however.

Barry had this lovable pet and that was a dove! That was the only thing the turkeys took and upon their departure, they have used one of the old wooden shacks in the forest and made it as their base. Man, what is up with those creatures anyways? Everybody in the village have left for their lives but for Barry, he can't just leave without his cherished dove, that bird has a lot of sentimental value for him. And so, he went on the rescue for it! Escape players, Barry is going straight to the turkeys' base and who knows what they'll do if they see him. Maybe they'll peck and scratch but he must get to his dove back first before their numbers gets too many. Join in the rescue here with Barry then through a lot of turkeys in the forest. Good luck!

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