Christmas Find The Bible Game

Christmas Find The Bible

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You knew you should have just hidden the bible from your friend. She was a good friend of yours. You knew her since you were in your elementary years. You weren’t very close yet you managed to befriend her. She even invited you to her birthday parties. It was always scary for you. Your teachers would take you to her house and then you’d worry nonstop about your sister leaving the school without you. So you end up just thinking about the possibility the whole time you were in the parties. She had a party for each year you were classmates. She was nice to you and you always return the favor. You were quite similar actually but she had some characteristics that were a bit strange to you. You never told anyone about what you were thinking though.

Then something happened that made you question her behavior more. You were in charge of checking the attendance during Sunday service. Your classmates would ask you to sign their cards as proof. One day, you saw her card with your signature but not your penmanship. You didn’t talk to her about it but you knew she would get back at you for it someday. Play Christmas Find The Bible outdoor escape game by Top 10 New Games.

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