Boy Rescue From Villa House Game

Boy Rescue From Villa House

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You rolled your eyes when your friend gushed over a picture of the heirs studying in your school. Apparently, their parents wanted them to experience the normal life. So they took their sons to the countryside without the knowledge of the public. They provided them with average clothing and money just enough for their needs. You knew all about these since your dad was the village chieftain. He was given all the information about the stay of the heirs in the village. It was supposed to be a secret but your best friend found out after overhearing your dad’s phone call. Since then, she couldn’t stop giggling every time she was them walking down the hallways. But that was just part of the secret. You were actually assigned to guard one of the heirs yet he shouldn’t know about it.

They tend to do mischievous stuffs when they know they’re guarded. So you kept your profile low until one of them was dragged inside a car and sent to a house in the forest. You just couldn’t let your dad solve this alone. You had to do something and so you did. Play Boy Rescue from Villa House rooms escape game by Games 2 Jolly.

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