Halloween Party Mask Escape Game

Halloween Party Mask Escape

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Your task was just to deliver the Halloween cake to the Halloween Party. You never wished to be involved in the celebration as you would rather sleep. You know people would somehow show up a little late the next morning due to the partying the previous night. So this would give you extra minutes of sleep and laziness. You smile as you reach the doorstep of the house. After this you would drive home and enjoy the rest of the night. However, as you were about to move out, a girl approached you. Something upset her. She just looked at you first then she showed annoyance. You wondered what you did wrong. She was hoping you would ask her but since you didn't, she told you about her trouble. Her Halloween Party Mask was missing.

You told her she could just get inside as people don't seem to mind the costumes anyway. Her face became even annoyed as she asked you one more time to help her look for her mask. You shrugged off your disappointment at getting home early and set off to look for whatever you could find that would lead you to the mask. Play Halloween Party Mask Escape outdoor escape game by Games 2 Rule.

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