Black Cat Escape (Amgel Escape) Game

Black Cat Escape (Amgel Escape)

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Try your best on this adventure and be ready for a possible rescue. Black Cat Escape is the newest point and click spooky escape game created by Amgel Escape. Best of luck!

Chanel had just lost her black cat and for a week she had been trying until, she found it! But it's currently with the petite witch who lives in the forest and when Chanel was ready to give her thanks and receive the cat, the witch was not actually going to give the animal back! The witch just lost her latest cat and she wanted a new one, that's why she took the animal which was roaming around the forest's edge at the time. The witch thought that Chanel was clearly not fit to take-care of the cat, for it wouldn't have gotten lost if she was careful, but well the witch is not totally heartless, so she turned this situation into a challenge just to see how Chanel loved the cat.

The witch's challenge was still about the black cat and she hid it somewhere in the forest, if Chanel is able to find the animal quickly then she'll give the cat back to her. But if she can't within a specific amount of time, then the witch will take it for herself. Chanel agreed to this now, it's not like she has a choice. Escape players, join in on the challenge here presented by the witch, may you find that black cat quickly and leave from this place safely. Have fun everyone!

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