Thanksgiving Room Escape (Amgel Escape) Game

Thanksgiving Room Escape (Amgel Escape)

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You wake up to an empty room after having a drink last night. Your friend left you for someone he just knew over the phone. She introduced herself as someone he knew from the past. She even recounted the times they spent together and he must have slipped back into those moments as well. You knew your friend ever since he stepped foot inside your classroom in the first grade. He was from the other part of the country so he spoke a different language. However, that didn't stop you from communicating well and becoming friends. All these years you were with him and you couldn't remember hearing anything about that girl. Then again, you weren't with your friend 24/7 so he might have other friends in his neighborhood as well. Still feeling bitter about the situation, you looked around and realized you're not in your house.

Although it looks familiar, you can't really tell where you are at the moment. You close your eyes to try to remember where you had been last night. The clearest memory you have is drinking the last drop from the bottle. Then you may have fallen asleep. Play Thanksgiving Room Escape room escape game by Amgel Escape.

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