Skater Boy Escape Game

Skater Boy Escape

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Try this rescue adventure here everyone for a daily challenge. Skater Boy Escape is a brand new point and click rescue escape game from Avm Games. Enjoy!

The village is located in the coastal area here and one of those people who makes the place cool is the skater boy roams around and gives the people good-vibes. Adrian was one of the many friends of the skater boy in this area, but because he is always busy, they only see each other a few times every week. But one day however, the skater boy had a problem which nobody really expected for that boy never really gets in trouble, well it was unexpected and absolutely an accident.

Adrian just got the news that his friend the skater boy just got trapped in a house there in the village and they have yet to know what exactly happened. Adrian is still going to go for it even if everyone thinks that this could be dangerous, his friendship with the skater boy is more than he fears the situation. Someone might have gone jealous of the skater boy and he trapped him in that house. Escape players, Adrian here needs to go on the save, care to join in and see if you can all successfully get this done? Good luck then everyone!

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