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Simple Escape 01

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Come and try this spooky house escape here for fun! Simple Escape 01 is a brand new point and click indoor escape game released by Hidden O Games. Best of luck to anyone who tries.

Amelia's services are needed again, for as a decorator on different occasions, she is being paid to decorate houses for the customer's events and most especially she is hired for children's birthday parties. But that day she got an unusual one but it's not really that rare, and that is to decorate the mysterious mansion in the neighborhood with Halloween decor. Upon hearing that she almost declined, but she has her team behind her and that made her agree, she will definitely make the place scary, not that it already is and rumor has it that the house was actually haunted.

A few hours had passed and every rooms in the house was now heavily decorated with Halloween stuff, the customer was pleased so after the confirmation, Amelia's team left while she finalizes everything there, little did she know while she is alone there a problem will spring-up unexpectedly. Escape players, Amelia is most likely going to get trapped in there but the situation is still unclear on why really, care to try the spooky challenge here and see what it is? If so then go ahead and also, may you be able to solve the problem especially on the escape part. Have fun everyone!

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