Bestial Badger Escape

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Animal traps have increased in the town there and at first it was okay, but now it catches everything including the rare animals in the nearby forest! That’s why the town’s officials decided to administer a regulation for traps and as a deputized enforcer of such, Andre is doing his rounds in the place reporting or confiscating unknown traps which didn’t have a code or a name to it. That day too he scored something and inside it was a badger!

Badgers are currently illegal to hunt in this place here, for their numbers have decreased recently, so it’s only right for Andre to open the trap and then delicately get the animal out. He’ll set it again though for there is a tag on the trap and it’s registered. But first he needs to get this thing open with a few methods he knows and it wouldn’t damage the contraption. But it seems that the trap is a little complicated so escape players, want to help Andre here open the cage so he can free the trapped badger safely?

Bestial Badger Escape is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game released by Games 4 King.

Walkthrough video for Bestial Badger Escape


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