Beautiful Bird Escape Game

Beautiful Bird Escape

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Try this rescue adventure here! Beautiful Bird Escape is another point and click escape game from Avm Games for a daring attempt to rescue a troubled animal.

The village had always been peaceful and colorful even from the start, it only becomes gloomy when a storm is ravaging the place, but all in all it thrives still even from what little it comes to it. Among the houses, there is this one house which was solely dedicated to a beautiful bird which was native to the place. The bird is not only beautiful, it is also critically endangered and that's why it has a house, for the people expects for it to return with a female in his side, it's the village people's attempt to save the bird's species. Everything was going good when one day, somebody realized that the bird got trapped in its own house!

That certain someone is Victor and because he was the first one to see the problem, he must solve it before the bird gets hurt. Victor has no idea what had happened there, it could just be a normal thing or someone might be tinkering here in the bird's home. Escape players, care to try the rescue adventure here for the beautiful bird? Place yourself on Victor then, good luck and have fun!

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