Royal Residence Fun Escape Game

Royal Residence Fun Escape
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Royal Residence Fun Escape is a brand new point and click escape game released by Fun Escape Games for more enjoyable escape adventures in a luxurious residence. Have Fun!

The luxurious royal residence was once one of the huge bastions of the king but now it got converted into a hotel, it's actually a good place to be in, but a bad place to be lost into though thanks to how vast the halls are. Luckily, Marian was just going to stay in the place for 2 days for her business meeting was near the area. Her room was great and indeed luxurious, it seems like this business trip will be okay most especially after when the meeting go smooth. But little did Marian know however, something is about to happen as she finds her way through the hotel to check-out.

Maine was admiring the hotel when little by little, she is getting more lost in the place until, she could no longer find her way! Maine thought though it's going to be easy getting back to the reception but as unfortunate as it can be, it was the opposite. Escape players, care to try the luxurious hotel escape adventure here with Maine and see if you can find your way out of the place? Good luck then everyone, enjoy escaping with us everyday!

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