Baby Stegosaurus Escape Game

Baby Stegosaurus Escape

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Every family has a secret, and for Jet's they had this pet which nobody else in the world has, for the pet was a baby stegosaurus! It's unbelievable, but Jet and his father came across it in the wilderness one day and they thought it was some kind of alien, but the animal was pretty gentle and a bit rough, but they took it in without letting anybody know of its existence. Jet's family made an extensive research of the animal and eventually they rested in the idea that the creature was a young dinosaur. None of them could not believe it but it's right there and they don't know what else can it be. Years have passed and the family lived peacefully in the wilderness with the dinosaur, but the family eventually had to leave to the city and the last one there was Jet and the stegosaurus. Days were pleasant with the creature and it still is a mystery to him how a dinosaur from 65 million years ago can get here? But then he only got a realization of how important the creature was for one day, he found it inside a man-made cage and the doors on it are heavily locked!

Jet thought then that someone could be on to him here and is planning to take the dinosaur! Okay now we move escape players, first Jet must get the prehistoric animal out of there and then leave the place. Will you help him before the owner of the contraption returns?

Baby Stegosaurus Escape is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game created by Games 2 Jolly.

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