Green Modern House Escape Game

Green Modern House Escape

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Ramon just finished decorating his house from a majorly white color, into a vibrant green so that he can see something new in his house and color is a big player for that. It took Ramon a few months to finish everything for the place is quite big and modern, he needs to work his way through the bends and furniture so that none of it can be painted. But as Ramon had a sigh of relief now that his work here is done, something happened in his place and the green color he just painted cannot help him there.

Ramon somehow realized during the day that his house has this eerie silence and when he went to his doors to see if the outside is experiencing the same, he realized that his doors seems to be jammed and he can't get himself out! Ramon was confused why was this happening, he just painted his house and not changed his locks, but somehow the locks on his doors changed and no matter how hard he tried to get it to budge from the frame, it just wouldn't. Escape players, Ramon needs help here for he doesn't want to destroy his door and at the same time, he wants this problem fixed quick. Will you be able to find something that can open it quickly without destroying it?

Green Modern House Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game from WoW Escape.

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