Spooky Room Door Escape Game

Spooky Room Door Escape

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The house which Edmond entered is getting less comfortable as he stays there, he realized that the spooks are now creeping around the corners getting ever closer as time passes. Edmond decided to enter the place to really prove the rumors of the neighbors that the house is haunted, Edmond believes that but his friends doesn't, so he decided to take his camera and record as he checks the place out. At first what he found were just rubbish and piling random items, it's like a cleared-out hoarder's house or something. It was calm initially, but it all changed when Edmond began to feel the air getting thinner and things were peeking on the corners of the house! It all just cascaded then for the worst.

Edmond was heading for the door to get some fresh-air, but when he tried it the thing would not open! Edmond almost panicked when he realized that, he was very near to that but he quickly calmed himself down and from then he is able to breath and think. Edmond needs to leave this place right-now, for this was more than enough proof to him and it's okay if he didn't catch anything on cam. Escape players, will you help Edmond here escape from the place before his breathing becomes constricted again?

Spooky Room Door Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Genie Fun Games.

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