Baboon Escape Game

Baboon Escape

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There are houses in the wilderness but that area is not to be approached for the people living there are poachers and definitely they aren't the gentle kind. As one of the rangers assigned there, Harold have not been given a thing to do about them for the higher-ups have told him they are looking into it and they advised him not to engage. Seems suspicious, but he needs to follow those orders until one day, it changed!

Harold was now ordered to make his move into the encampment which at first he couldn't agree on for he will be giving himself to people who would definitely end him! But it's not about attacking them though. The poachers have caught something very important, and that is an escaped baboon which had been treated by the facility and they wouldn't give it back! The treatment is highly classified and the facilitators of that just wanted the baboon to be free, which Harold will definitely answer. Finally, some action! Harold said to himself. But this could be very well dangerous so he needs to be ready so he can get the baboon out and escape from there safely. Escape players, want to help Harold here on this daring rescue mission?

Baboon Escape is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

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