Athlete Girl Escape Game

Athlete Girl Escape

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Arlene has this friend who was a tiny girl but even though her size is small, it does not hinder her from becoming very athletic, in fact she even asked for Arlene's help for she doesn't have a ride that day and she needs to get to the playground where she can once again stretch her body for fitness as well as flexibility. Arlene of course agreed for she wanted to have some fun too and she wanted to see what the playground really was which is a fitness center. Arlene arrived at her friend's home and she called then so they can both leave, but there was a problem though and it held-up everything!

Arlene entered the house of her friend and when she got in, she immediately heard her call for help! Arlene realized that her friend was trapped in one of the rooms in her own house and that instantly got her startled! Arlene looked around for she thought maybe something more serious is happening here, there wasn't thankfully. Arlene only needs to get her friend out from a where she is trapped and quickly too for she is really struggling in there. Escape players, come and help-out on the rescue here with Arlene for her friend.

Athlete Girl Escape is a brand new point and click indoor rescue escape game released by 8b Games.

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