Quarters Room Escape Game

Quarters Room Escape

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The rooms here are really not made to live in but to actually escape from! People in the suburbs are getting bored for they can't get out of the area where they live, so one man made a house especially for the fun of everyone. The house is for the reason of escaping from, people must use every item they can find in there and make use of such to escape. But there is a problem about that though, for the rooms there are almost empty and it's up to the challengers if it's a disadvantage to them or otherwise. As one of the challengers, Roland doesn't know yet if he's going to get into a real problem there or not, that's why he will be trying the place out for fun.

Escape players, Roland is now in the rooms of the place and he saw there were very little items in there, how is he going to get this done then? He asked himself. But that's the real beauty of entering the place right? He needs to sort it out himself in-order to get himself out. Come and join Roland here everyone, place yourself on Roland's shoes and be ready!

Quarters Room Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Genie Fun Games.

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