Rescue The Jackal Game

Rescue The Jackal

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The village standing in the wilderness here is constantly being visited by predators and the most dangerous ones are tigers! Low risks are jackals which can be scared away and most of the time when their traps capture one they just scare them away hoping they won't come back. One day, Jack was surveying the grounds for it is his jobs to check the traps for anything that it catches, he expected for some game so that the village can have a feast again, but he found something else in one of the traps however.

Jack found a Jackal in one of the traps and it can't be for the trap is too small for the animal! But it seems that the creature was able to squeeze in for it found something that it can eat, like that morsel in the trap. Well, Jack must get the animal now for it might die and the village doesn't want to disrupt the flow of the forest for they are quite respectful of nature. Escape players, Jack might have a hard-time freeing the jackal here for it got stuck pretty good and damage the contraption a little. Will you help Jack out on the rescue?

Rescue The Jackal is another new point and click animal rescue escape game made by Top 10 New Games.

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