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Astray 01

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The abandoned building has a lot of things inside from steel junk to just trash, it is still a mystery who brings the stuff in and or who messes with it, that's why Diego decided to check the place out and so he can also see what else is there behind some of the locked-doors in the building. Diego prepared every gear he has in his home like flashlights, batteries, and a few provisions like water as well as food stuff. He has the entire afternoon to check the place that's why he really prepared himself for the potentially long-time he will be spending there. It is indeed a long-time, for something happened to him in the place and he has to solve that before the sun sets!

Diego was careful moving around the building when suddenly, he saw a shadow coming towards him and that was enough to send him running towards the door, well that's the bad part though for the door he entered was wrong and that only got him trapped in the place! Escape players, Diego surely got himself in some trouble here and his rations is not going to last until evening. Care to join him on this escape and see if you can help him as well?

Astray 01 is a brand new point and click building escape game released by First Escape Games.

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