Abandoned Office (First Escape Games) Game

Abandoned Office (First Escape Games)

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It's been years since you lost all of your investments. It was really a hard time but now, you are slowing rising again. Your business is blooming and you need a larger space. Now that you have the money to get back to business, you want to restore your old office. However, there are so many things that you have to fix before you hire people. You learned your lesson not to spend too much money. Because of that, you thought of fixing the office by yourself. Seems like you have to start with the door first because it won't open. Thankfully, there are still items in this abandoned office that you can use to unlock the door. However, those objects would mean nothing if you will not use your logic to use those properly.

There are puzzles that you might encounter in the room but you should not worry too much because there are clues and hints that can guide you. Don't waste too much time and get back to business as soon as possible! Abandoned Office (First Escape Games) is the newest room escape game by First Escape Games that will test your logic. Best of luck!

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