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Hidden Dungeon

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Arthur just went through the kingdom's borders successfully without being detected by the royal castle guards, his years of training in Japan as a ninja had come in handy with this, and now the next hardest part is to enter the castle from under its catacombs and dungeons. It's going to be hard for Arthur, not only because the passage is very little through under the ground, but the dungeons where he will pass is filled with horrid things including the tortured! He once went through that and that is why seeing the sight again brings back memories and the pain, but this mission must be carried-out though so he has no choice.

Escape players, Arthur here successfully entered the passage into the dungeons, now it is time to go through it and hopefully the guards won't see no shadow of him under there. Care to join in the adventure here through the royal dungeons? If so then do it quickly too for only a limited time was given to Arthur and you on this mission.

Test your skills and logic here on this underground escape everyone! Hidden Dungeon is a brand new point and click dark place escape game from Fun Escape Games.

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