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Obscure 01

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Very early one morning, Janette woke-up only to find herself in a very different place which was unfamiliar to her, there was this grounds with different kinds of items around it, and an old abandoned house in the middle which was entirely made of wood. The house looks rickety and old, that's why when she entered there to find some answers why was she not in her room but in this place, she was careful for a wrong step could be fatal. Janette doesn't know why she was calm though knowing that it is obscure to her why she was in the place, but maybe finding some answers might not be priority at the moment, and escaping is.

Janette has a huge chance of finding a way out from the place, but where will she go thereafter for she doesn't even know where she was? Rescue is also an impossibility for obvious reasons and really, nobody seems to be in the area with her which she can ask help from. Escape players, care to join Janette here as she finds her way out of the place which she didn't know why she was even in it? Go ahead then!

Obscure 01 is another new point and click location escape game made by 5n Games.

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