Astonishing House Escape Game

Astonishing House Escape

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You had the privilege of inheriting your grandparents' house. Your siblings were all wondering what was good about their house. But you never gave them any clue. You were still very little when you first learned of this secret. It was raining hard and you couldn't get out to play. Your grandparents were asleep as well. So to have some fun even if you were alone, you started your expedition inside the house. You looked through every room and moved all the books you could reach from the library. None of them opened a secret door until you knocked over a vase on the table. A door just enough for you to go through opened. You looked at the other side of it and it was another world. After that, every summer, you would go to your grandparents' house to discover what other world your could reach.

They saw how much you liked the house and left it for you. You had been exploring various worlds since then. But you also found yourself in trouble at times. You would open a new world, explore it and sometimes find a hard time going back. Play Astonishing House Escape room escape game by Avm Games.

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