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Journey Escape 3
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Going through the previous level was already challenging. And you didn't know how much more challenging this third level could get. You were facing the unlocked door wondering how to react. You wanted to finish this journey. But you were also not so sure if you wanted to keep on going. You somehow looked back at the times when you were still very free. You didn't have to think on what to do to make things work for you. Yet now, every move you should make should at least reveal a hidden item or solve a puzzles. You were already an over thinker and having to think about your next moves definitely stressed you out. You found yourself still staring at the door. The time kept on ticking and everything else was moving with time. You knew that it would not be wise to remain stuck.

So you pushed the door open and found yourself in a room full of items to interact with and puzzles to solve. You weren't so sure but there was like a switch that turned on the hope in you. You took your first step toward the first item and your determination blossomed. Play Journey Escape 3 room escape game by Genie Fun Games.

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