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Spooky Midnight

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It seemed like you should always listen to your intuition. Before leaving your house, you and your sister had a fight. She thought you were purposely ignoring her. So she walked out of the house and went somewhere without telling you. You rarely got into fights and whenever you did, you would feel like it was all your fault. Although most of the time, you couldn't point out what you did exactly. You always let her cool her head first before offering your apologies. It wouldn't matter much if she was still angry and wouldn't listen to you. However, during the time that you were waiting for her to cool off, you couldn't help but feel hurt. You were never a fan of fights. Even other people had an argument and you had nothing to do with it, you felt bad.

You couldn't take the sadness. So you walked out of the house as well to look for a place to breathe some fresh air. It was already night time when you saw an old garden. Seeing that no one was around, you thought it would be the best place to relax your mind. You relaxed for only half an hour since your mind had to be active to find an escape afterwards. Play Spooky Midnight room escape game by Mirchigames.

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