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Sneaky Valentine

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Sneaky really loved telling his girlfriend stories about his adventures. She would then give him the biggest reaction to his stories. Sneaky appreciated his girlfriend's gesture and would like to show her how much he loves her. So he stayed over at his girlfriend's place so he could surprise her in the morning of Valentine's Day. He felt very comfortable and slept soundly that he wasn't able to notice his girlfriend's movements. Her girlfriend wanted to give him a surprise for Valentine's Day but he had to solve puzzles for it. Sneaky had no idea about what was going on while his girlfriend busily prepared the place. She likewise used this time to buy fresh ingredients for the meals they'd share later. Then, she silently left the house and went on with her tasks for the day. Sneaky on the other hand was just waking up.

He looked around and realized that his girlfriend was no longer inside the house. He looked for some clues as to her whereabouts but found none. It took a while before he saw the puzzles scattered around. But he was fast to catch on the tasks he should accomplish. Play Sneaky Valentine room escape game by Melting-Mindz.

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