Ancestral House Diamond Escape Game

Ancestral House Diamond Escape

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Your grandfather visited you every Sunday until recently. You asked your aunts and uncles about him and they all said he was doing fine. You accepted their answers without any further questions. But a few more weeks passed and he still hadn't shown up at your house. You decided to ask your aunts and uncles again but this time, you weren't able to get any reply from them. You knew waiting for them to show up wouldn't do anything good. So you went to their house. It was already empty. It seemed like it had been empty for quite some time already. You were so frustrated about not doing anything about this situation earlier. Yet you knew you had to keep moving to make things better. You looked around for any clues that would lead you to your grandfather. Then a picture of your ancestral house fell from the table.

You immediately went to the house to see if you could more clues. There you found your grandfather. He was fine but he was weak. He grabbed your arms and told you to get to the diamond first. You wanted to ask more about it but your grandfather wouldn't tell you anything more until you find the diamond. Play Ancestral House Diamond Escape room escape game by 8b Games.

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