Diamond Forest Escape Game

Diamond Forest Escape

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Diamond Forest Escape is a fun point and click escape game released by Mirchigames.

You find yourself waking up in the Diamond Forest. Having no idea how you ended up here, you manage to calm yourself and avoid panicking.

It seems you are not alone in this forest, there are a lot of creatures present as well. Then you think to yourself hoping they are friendly and even help you escape the forest. You try to find the exit but your efforts are for naught. Eventually all the walking and searching tired you out. Carrying on like this is a waste of time. There must be another way to escape this Diamond Forest.

Luckily, just before giving up hope, the little puppy barks at you. It is as if it is encouraging you to keep going. You do not understand each other but its energy is infectious. It gives you a newfound sense of energy and more motivation to push through. As you figure out the puzzles in order to escape, you encounter several other animals and they are willing to lend you a helping hand. Diamonds scatter around the forest and they are the key to escape.

Point and click your way around the puzzles using diamonds and escape the Diamond Forest! Good luck!

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