Fabulous Lazy Girl Rescue Game

Fabulous Lazy Girl Rescue

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Your  friend is both fabulous and lazy. She was born rich and therefore didn't have to think about working hard to meet her needs. She always had whatever she needed given to her. When you think about it, she didn't need anything. It was all her wants that were given to her. You never thought she'd be your friend. But she could be kind and very friendly to people she likes. You were one of them so it just followed that she had to be nice to you. You wouldn't accept any of her whining and she knows it. So every time there's something she didn't approve of, instead of whining to you, she would just take it as it is. It was the time of the year when you were given a few days off from school. Upon hearing this, she sat beside you and explained her plans.

It was a very detailed plan like she had been thinking about this for a long time. You didn't have anything planned so you accepted her invitation. You knew you'd be staying in a luxurious house but you didn't know your friend had no idea about the layout of the house. Play Fabulous Lazy Girl Rescue room escape game by Genie Fun Games.

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