Abandoned Space Station Escape Game

Abandoned Space Station Escape

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As a person who knows nothing of what's going-on and why he is being held against his will and sometimes, he just wakes-up in a location which he didn't even know where, Remus had grown numb with it and he somehow gets a clue that he is being experimented on for he just wakes-up in and out of consciousness in different places which he then ventures into and then he passes-out after a certain time. It's crazy and confusing, but Remus just lets that be now for it seems there is no escape from this as it keeps happening. One day however, he just woke-up in some place again but this time, he has a strong urge to finally escape from where he was and maybe if he can, to see and gets some answers from whoever his captors might be.

Remus found himself in what seems to be an abandoned space station or something and for the first-time, he woke-up in a place which has halls for most times he just wakes-up in different wildernesses and his typical stone cell. Remus has hopes now that he will be able to escape even though in the back of his mind he things he'll never be able to from whomever is doing this to him, still there is hope when there is still a breath to take. Escape players, you can begin your escape here with Remus from a place where he woke-up into, be careful and move quickly.

Abandoned Space Station Escape is a brand new point and click complex escape game from Selfdefiant.

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