Dignified Place Escape

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The fancy purple restaurant has some secrets which only a few people knows including their staff, one of those staff was Warren and somehow he got a little bit of a culture shock about the secret purpose of the restaurant when he found-out about it. It’s Warren’s first 7 days on the job now and it had only been three days since he found-out about the secret rooms where the elite meet and prepare whatever it is that they are planning. It is very important that nobody in the staff should let anything out from the place for the elites are not to messed with. For Warren, he just minds his own business and do his job to make a living. But somehow when he likes to keep things as it is however, something still happened and from then Warren started to worry.

It’s Warren’s turn to be first and open-up shop in the evening after an afternoon break and as he was alone in the place, he began to notice something in the rooms there for somehow, he could no longer open those doors which he really needs to in-order to prepare things. Eventually, it got worst for when Warren was about to leave the establishment and tell his boss about this, he couldn’t for now the main-doors are locked! Warren was very concerned of his life now for he thought this might have something to do with the businesses of the elites, and now he might be the innocent one who is going to pay for it! Warren needs to escape from there right-now for his life depends on it, will you help him escape players before the situation spirals even more for the worst?

Dignified Place Escape is the newest point and click shop escape game from Genie Fun Games.