Abandoned Land Escape Game

Abandoned Land Escape

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There was a place that was bothering your team ever since you learned about it. It was in an abandoned land a few kilometers away from the city. People only discovered it when a missing car appeared there. Strangely enough, the authorities didn't take the car away from the location. You weren't able to communicate with the investigators. But you felt that they were preserving something. You were expecting them to not let you enter the place. You were ready with your reasons. Yet the authorities gave you a go signal even before you asked for it. So there must be something worth uncovering in this piece of land. You gathered your team to divide the tasks. You had no idea what was there. And every precaution was made. A day before the start of your research, an anonymous call came in.

It gave you some warning about the dangers you were about to face. Unknown to the caller, you were able to track him down easily. You immediately went to where he was calling to verify his claims. He said it was just a prank and he didn't know what he was talking about. You didn't take his words lightly though. And your action was just right. Play Abandoned Land Escape outdoor escape game by Big Escape Games.

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