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Picturesque House

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There was a specific happening in your life that made you want to find a place far from people. And that was when you found the picturesque house. It looked like your dream house and you couldn't let the opportunity of owning it pass you by. However, acquiring the property was quite a struggle. The previous owner didn't want to let go of his property. He wanted to preserve its state hoping his family members would go looking for it. So you waited for two years hoping the owner would find his family members. But that the family members would have no interest on the property. Two years passed and the owner willingly gave it up. You made sure that he had no hesitations whatsoever. You didn't want to stay in a place that someone still wanted to own. But the owner assured you.

It just took you a few days to bring all your stuffs to this house. And you never left the house ever since. It was your tenth year staying there when strange things started happening. You were hoping it was just because of the age of the house and no supernatural beings were involved. Play Picturesque House room escape game by First Escape Games.

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