Insects Land Escape (Escape Games New)

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Bruce have accidentally shrunken himself into a small individual! Small enough that he can ride on the back of a ladybug. These experiments of his are really becoming destructive towards him, but he is on to something though for what he does actually works. But he won’t be able to progress if he doesn’t solve this problem of his now.

Bruce needs to tweak his machine so he’ll grow to normal size again, but he is outside of his house at the moment for when the machine zapped him, the force flicked him out of the place, now he is with the insects outside and some of them are now starting to mistake him as food! Escape players, Bruce needs to get back to his house right-now. Want to help him then so he can? Evade the insects there and try not to get him too close with the now giant insects there.

Insects Land Escape is the newest point-and-click outdoors escape game from Escape Games New.

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Walkthrough video for Insects Land Escape (Escape Games New)

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