Elephant Land Escape Game

Elephant Land Escape

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It took you a long time before finally reaching elephant land. The first time you saw an elephant wasn't all happiness. You didn't know about the pains the elephants had gone through. It was only a week after that you became aware and you couldn't do much about it anymore. So you promised yourself to find a way to make the elephants feel that they deserved more than the treatment some people were giving them. You searched for the nearest area where you could find the creatures. You wanted to observe them in their natural habitat and see for yourself how they should be. So you made your own route to get there and asked no one for help. It was tiring for you to always keep a lookout on people who just wanted to use the animals as excuse for making money.

But you were able to make it to your destination. You were able to see other creatures that kept you company and kept you entertained. Then you were able to spot the elephants. It made you so happy to see them in their habitat. You enjoyed being with them and just seeing them from afar. But your mood gradually changed when it was time to leave. Play Elephant Land Escape outdoor escape game by Big Escape Games.

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