Abandoned Adventures Escape 4 Game

Abandoned Adventures Escape 4
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There's a very famous lighthouse in the place you were staying at. You were planning to visit it and have many photos taken there. You wanted your social media platforms to be filled with the beauty of the place. However, as you approached the light house, you began to sense a different reason for its popularity. You felt some chill on your spine as you came closer to it. Then again, you wouldn't want to miss the opportunity of having perfect photos here. So you just pushed on and tried to shake off the feeling of fleeing. You stepped inside and immediately coughed due to the dust that greeted you. After clearing your throat, you began climbing the stairs. You knew it would be breathtaking up there. You only had thoughts about the views up there when you remembered a ghost hunting show you watched.

They had an episode where they also went to a lighthouse. The lights were all turned off. And only the ones at the top were on. The team was going up the stairs when they saw a shadow looking down at them from the top. You immediately had goosebumps and decided to leave. But it was already impossible until you find another way. Play Abandoned Adventures Escape 4 room escape game by Genie Fun Games.

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