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Corporate Office 2

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You never thought this day would come. You were actually just satisfied with helping out your superiors. And even doing small things like making coffee or buying them lunch. It didn't matter to you whatever job you were performing. As long as you stayed in the office, everything was fine. However, one of your bosses in the corporate office saw your dedication to your job. He offered you a higher position. But first you had to make a presentation so others may know about you as well. You accepted his offer and immediately worked on your presentation. There were lots to consider when making a presentation. You were confident at first, but when you saw your colleague walking out teary-eyed, you began to feel shaken. So you walked around to feel even just a bit relaxed. Then you remembered your files.

You weren't able to make a copy of it. You immediately went back to your computer and saw it automatically updating. Getting your file from the computer wouldn't be possible and your scheduled presentation was getting near. You had to find another way to have the file that you need for your career rested on it. Play Corporate Office 2 room escape game by First Escape Games.

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