Gym Escape (8b Games) Game

Gym Escape (8b Games)

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A gym membership wasn't easy for you to acquire. There weren't many requirements. However you were very reluctant to join. You were worried about the classes and the number of people you might meet. You always prefer to have classes alone. Yet you didn't know any instructors there at first and asking was also daunting to you. Fortunately, your friend was a part-timer there. So he walked all the documents for you. He even coordinated with the instructors there and prepared the schedule for you. You were very thankful for his help that you always ask him out for meals and drinks. Then again, he always politely turn them down promising to let you know when he already has the time. You found it a bit weird. Yet you just easily let it go without questioning too much about it.

You were able to make some friends after a few weeks of being in the gym. It was nice to have some people who had the same mind set as yours. It made your workout more bearable. Just then you overheard some people talking about you. You pretended not to hear them but you can clearly understand them. You brushed it off thinking it was just nothing. Your time ended and you were about to leave the gym but the door wouldn't budge. Play Gym Escape (8b Games) room escape game by 8b Games.

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