Lighthouse Escape (Avm Games) Game

Lighthouse Escape (Avm Games)

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This house is the most important house in the village. It’s not that a very important person lives in this place. It’s because this house gives light to the ships which are trying to find their way to the shore. However, it can’t guide the ships if the light is out. Because of that, you quickly went to the lighthouse to replace the light bulb. After few minutes, the light is finally on. You are a hero because of that. That is such a good thing for the ships but not for you. You found a way to fix the lighthouse but you can’t find a way to escape from the room.

The good thing is, there are items in the house that you can use to unlock the door. But those items would be worthless if you don’t use your logic to convert those into an escape tool. There are also puzzles inside the lighthouse that you need to solve so you have to gather clues that can help you out. There’s no time to waste. Play Lighthouse Escape (Avm Games) room escape game from Avm Games and find the quickest way to escape. Good luck and have fun.

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