Zombies Graveyard Escape Game

Zombies Graveyard Escape

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Zombies Graveyard Escape is a brand new point and click scary cemetery escape game from Games 2 Rule. Enjoy trying to find your way out of a really scary place!

Gene is the new grave-keeper at the local graveyard and even though there are rumors about some weird horrors coming-out from the graveyard, he still decided to take the job for he knows it can provide for him and his family. But on his first day however, it so happens that it was Halloween and on that eve, something really not humbling came-out from the graves and it's enough to send Gene really running from the place but unfortunately because it's dark, he couldn't find the way out!

Nobody really told him that there are zombies here and they are now approaching him little by little! Gene now has a bad impression of his job and he is absolutely going to report this to his boss, well that's if he can escape from the graveyard and from the clutches of the UN-dead here. Will Gene be able to easily escape from this place? Escape players, you can absolutely try the zombies graveyard escape here with Gene, use the best of your skills and logic for a successful escape from the graveyard filled with zombies. Good luck!

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