Xmas Unicorn Escape

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As always, people in the far village here are fascinated with the things that comes from the nearby forest especially when the snow starts to fall and Christmas approaches. It gives delight to them too for some of those creatures are majestic and quite beautiful. As a villager there, Kenny have seen it all for he was born and raised there. But that day though he noticed something in one of the houses near his home and that’s one thing he haven’t seen yet concerning these creatures.

Kenny found one of these said beings which was a beautiful unicorn with wings and this creature was trapped inside that said house! Kenny have no idea how it got in there and how it got trapped, maybe it did this to itself accidentally for it got curious? Or there could be more sinister things happening here in the place? Kenny needs to free this unicorn now for it needs help and is clearly one of the creatures of Christmas. Want to help Kenny here escape players? For this seems to be a little hard on him now.

Xmas Unicorn Escape is the newest point and click rescue escape game from Games 4 King.

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Walkthrough video for Xmas Unicorn Escape

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