Xmas House Escape Game

Xmas House Escape

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The Christmas house is a new challenge for everyone in the neighborhood and it's going to be extra fun, everyone expected it to get even more difficult than last-year's escape room. Everyone will try the Christmas celebration house and that includes Maverick who had been waiting for the place to open through the entire year! Now it's there and he really expected it to be more challenging, and well he is in-luck for it definitely is.

The Christmas house escape challenge will have the typical challenges but it will depend if one will be able to surpass it, Maverick thinks he can for the house looks decent and minimal in designs as well in hiding places, the question is now will he be able to open those hiding-places successfully no problem? Escape players, here you will face another Christmas escape challenge with Maverick and it will all depend on you now if you choose to try the challenge. Bring-out the best of your skills and logic for this, may your holidays be merry through the escape games here.

Check-out this Christmas escape adventure everyone! Xmas House Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game from Games 4 Escape.

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