Xmas Skater Rabbit Escape

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Vin knows of this strange part of his house which locks people and even though he tried his best to find what is really causing this mysterious locking, he couldn’t see anything wrong with it. Vin decided that when he is free one day he will destroy the entire thing for it had caused a lot of people trouble before when they enter there. It’s a good thing this part of his house is located outside, for if it was inside then this thing would have victimized a lot more. Vin went out early in the evening just to admire the snow for the winds had now died-down, as his gaze came to rest at this troubled part of his house though he saw something moving inside, upon investigating he quickly acted then for what he saw in there was one of the fascinating creatures of the wilderness!

Vin saw the white skater rabbit and she is one of the presumed spirits of the place which the people living here have no full grasp of their existence. Still though they respect those creatures and that’s why Vin is going to get this one out for it is trapped in a place that he is actually having some trouble as well. Escape players, come and help Vin here free the skater rabbit and gently so it won’t get hurt and it’ll return to the wilderness where it belongs safely.

Xmas Skater Rabbit Escape is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 4 King.

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Walkthrough video for Xmas Skater Rabbit Escape

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