Work Hard Gym Escape Game

Work Hard Gym Escape

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Work Hard Gym Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from 8b Games. Have fun on this new attempt of escape plus an adventure!

The gym had everything one needs to achieve his or her dream body, it even has a kitchen for special diets and every room in the place has a different specialty to enhance sections of one's body. George came to that gym one day for it's leg-day for him and it has to be proportionate, but when he thought he was not the only guest of the place there, actually he was and even the front-desk is not manned at the moment. George was already a loyal member of the gym so he just went in and did his stuff. An hour passed and there is still no people around, well more for him he thought, but after then he realized that was actually a problem and he really didn't know about that!

George finished his leg-day routine and when he checked for anyone, still there's no people around and when he tried the door, it was locked and he couldn't open it! George called for assistance but then again, there's nobody around and that makes it a real situation now. George is pretty confused what's going-on, but he must find the way out of there and maybe he can get some answers to his questions outside. Join George on this escape adventure escape players, good luck and successfully make your way out of the gym.

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