Halloween Cat House Escape Game

Halloween Cat House Escape

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Halloween Cat House Escape is the newest point and click huge indoor escape game from WoW Escape for more fun escapes here in a mansion. Have fun!

The nearby mansion had just recently got abandoned for reasons which everyone are just starting to know about. There are weird happenings there and the last persons who had been to the place were in a hurry and that's that. Bruce wondered a lot of what made them run, were there ghosts in that place? Or what about goblins? Bruce can just speculate, but to truly know what had happened there he must make his entrance and by doing so carefully like a ninja. Well there's actually more there and Bruce will be in the middle of it.

It's not ghosts, ghouls, or goblins that actually made the people living there to just bail, there are actually black cats there and the others don't even look like real cats! All are black and upon Bruce's entrance, he was immediately stalked and now those eyes of theirs are intimidating him, at that moment unfortunately another problem came-up for when he tried to leave for he is now terrified, he couldn't for the doors there are now locked and he is absolutely lost in the halls of the place! Bruce was just in shock of what's going-on right-now, but if he doesn't move soon then those cats will definitely get closer. Escape players, care to join Bruce here and see if you can all escape safely and away from the weird house? Good luck then everyone!

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