Wonder Fantasy Forest Escape

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The forest which was labeled as dangerous to go into is definitely a hazard, well the main factor for it is because the entire land where the forest is standing is filled with illusions and it would really test people who would foolishly go in there without proper knowledge of the place. People are curious and adventurous that’s why the forest have taken a lot of lives for centuries and up to the present time, it still is. That day, looks like the forest is going to take another one, for Jeremy who was curious of the place too got lost almost immediately when he entered the place!

Jeremy now gets it and he got it through the hard way. What amazes him though is how quickly he got lost in there when he thought he will be able to solve the forest’s puzzles and escape, well it’s not too late yet for the sun is still up and any chance is still possible. Okay then, Jeremy is going to face the place’s challenges now while that chance is still there, he just thinks he won’t survive a night there so that really gives him the urgency to escape. Escape players, imagine you are Jeremy here, lost and caught in the forest’s illusions. Will you be able to escape the place before all light from the sun there finally disappears?

Wonder Fantasy Forest Escape is the newest point and click wilderness escape game from WoW Escape.

Walkthrough video for Wonder Fantasy Forest Escape


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